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Interpreting Dreams

Dream Interpretation

Guide to Interpreting Dreams
An easy guide to Interpreting Dreams:

  • Step One: Write down all that you can remember about the dream, as if you were writing a letter to yourself - keep a notepad by your bed and do this as soon as you can after you wake up

  • Step Two: Make a note of the most important images which appeared in the dream and whether they were positive or negative subjects

  • Step Three: Make a note of the feelings or emotions that you experienced in relation to the dream images

  • Step Four: List the people who appeared in the dream

  • Step Five: Identify whether the images or events in the dream mirror recent events in real life

  • Step Six: Identify any possible influences on the dream such as movies, television, books or computer games

  • Step Seven: Identify any elements of the dream that contain a double meaning, words that sound the same but mean different things i.e. flew and flu, maul and mall

  • Step Eight: Now highlight any key words you cannot eliminate or explain and check out the Dream Dictionary

  • Step Nine: Check for the key word symbolism in the dictionary to help to gain an insight into your unconscious mind

Interpreting Dreams
The subject of Interpreting Dreams is quite complex and only you can interpret your dreams! Dreams tend to have two different types of meanings. The first is a general meaning where the dream is told as a symbolic story, the second is an individual meaning, which is specific to the dreamer.
Most dreams reflect subjects which are on your mind. Your dream may simply reflect events of your day providing an outlet and safe way of expressing pent up emotions.

Dreams therefore often mirror real life experiences. Dream subjects can also include fantasies and frightening elements from the imagination or stimulated by watching movies or television, reading books or even playing computer games. The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety and fear. If we remember this type of dream we are naturally unsettled and want to know more about its possible meaning and learn about interpreting dreams. Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appear to convey information, or a warning in reference to the future, so we look for information on interpreting dreams.

Interpreting Dreams - Only you can accurately interpret your dream
The process of Interpreting Dreams is a personal one - only you can interpret your dreams. Only you will know exactly what has happened during the day or what events may have influenced your dream. Only you know what factors of the dream were the most important and which elements of the dream gave you cause for concern. Interpreting dreams requires that you isolate significant subjects and identify any feelings that were associated with them.

Interpreting Dreams - Why use the Dream Dictionary?
Over thousands of years various systems have been devised to develop a system of interpretation to reveal the meanings of dreams. Is it all hocus-pocus? Some people think so, but interpreting dreams has considerable credibility with many people due to the recognition given to this subject by Christian Dream Interpretation and Biblical Dream Interpretation. Famous leaders in history have placed huge significance on their dreams  - all major societies have placed great importance on interpreting dreams. A dream dictionary is a tool made for interpreting images in a dream and include specific images which are attached to specific interpretations.

Interpreting Dreams - Using the Symbols in the Dream Dictionary
The Dream Dictionary is a tool for identifying specific dream images and attaching specific interpretations to the images. A Dream Dictionary describes what each part of the dream symbolizes. A dream symbol is something visible that according to age-old tradition represents something else that is invisible - an idea used to represent something else just as the eagle is a symbol of the United States.

Only you will be able to assess whether the symbols and their interpretations are applicable to your dreams, taking into account the recent events in your life, whether the subject conveyed a positive or negative image and the emotions you have experienced during your dream.

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